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Falling retention rates and increased time for students to complete their degree have become major concerns for learning institutions. Studies have shown that students’ poor connection between their career objectives and course choices is a major contributor to these trends.


Pelocity can help. We offer the first career guidance solution that aligns learning institutions, students and employers in a way that helps everyone achieve their goals. The power of Pelocity’s patented career assessment methodology, combined with ONET and other workforce databases, provides information that allows your institution to:

  • Identify gaps between your students’ skills and employment needs.
  • Work with the business community to align curricula with in-demand job skills.
  • Provide your students with a career pathway that fits their talents.
  • Improve your students’ success in entry-level and subsequent jobs.

When students are satisfied with their field of study, they’re much less likely to change majors, transfer, or perform below expectations. And that leads to better grades, less time to graduate, and an overall increase the graduation rate.

Easy-to-Use Administrative Toolkit

Pelocity provides institutional administrators with an easy-to-use array of features for monitoring users and building communities, as well as advanced analytics and complete licensing control.


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What They're Saying About Pelocity

Pelocity has changed my entire approach to my education and future career prospects. .
Michael anderson
In a word, Pelocity is "amazing." I can now chart my course for life and identify where I am and where I am going. Thanks Pelocity.
T. Price Jr.
As a veteran, I was pleasantly surprised how helpful Pelocity was to me. It really helped me adjust to civilian life and sharpen my competitive edge in my new career.
Donald Walker


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