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Pelocity is the first career placement solution that aligns learning institutions, students and employers in a way that helps everyone achieve their goals. We help students and job candidates identify careers for which they are truly well suited, we help learning institutions prepare students for those careers, and we help employers find well-qualified candidates.

When you locate employee prospects through Pelocity, you’ll know those individuals have demonstrated a commitment to understanding their strengths, developing their skills, and identifying careers that will satisfy their personal goals.

What does that mean for you?

  • Reduced turnover and lower recruitment costs
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower training costs

Accurate resumé information

Another concern among employers is the large percentage of candidates who inflate their qualifications. With Pelocity, you’ll know that the information you see on a candidate’s Personal Passport® — made available to you with the candidate’s permission — is accurate and reliable. Degrees and certifications earned by Pelocity members are added to Personal Passports directly from participating institutions.

Collaboration with learning institutions

Pelocity also supports collaboration between the business community and learning institutions to identify gaps in job candidates’ skills and competencies, which can then be added to schools’ courses and training programs. This unique partnership, powered by Pelocity, benefits everyone by increasing the employability of students, job-seekers, and transitioning workers.


Contact us for a complete information packet and to speak with a representative.

  • A virtual resumé of transcripts, certifications and work experience.
  • Automatically updated by your school, with your permission.
  • Personal portfolio of favorite occupations, notes and files.
  • A gateway for employers to connect with you!

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What They're Saying About Pelocity

Pelocity has changed my entire approach to my education and future career prospects. .
Michael anderson
In a word, Pelocity is "amazing." I can now chart my course for life and identify where I am and where I am going. Thanks Pelocity.
T. Price Jr.
As a veteran, I was pleasantly surprised how helpful Pelocity was to me. It really helped me adjust to civilian life and sharpen my competitive edge in my new career.
Donald Walker


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