Patented, Science-based Methodology

A Unique Science-based Solution

Pelocity’s innovative service-application model is a unique new system for matching the right person with the right job at the right time. Using the latest in technology, science and real-time data, Pelocity eliminates the guesswork from career guidance and planning.

Our online career guidance technology is designed to provide the rigorous scientific measurement lacking in traditional approaches to career exploration. We help individuals make this pivotal life decision with the use of well-validated measures that bring much-needed science-based assessment to the process of career choice.

What makes Pelocity different

Unlike other career guidance approaches that are anchored in the exploration of interests, Pelocity builds on research that has identified individual work-style preference as a better predictor of long-term career success. Specifically, we use one of the most widely researched and validated measures of behavior in the workplace which is built on 30 years of psychometric research reported in professional journals and presented at scholarly forums.

But work-style preference is only one piece of the career guidance puzzle. Pelocity also evaluates individual abilities, skills and knowledge with three assessments derived from the extensive research that laid the groundwork for the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET occupational database.

Pelocity’s proprietary matching algorithms use the results of these two assessment engines to identify and rank the 25 careers that best fit an individual who has completed the assessments.

More than career exploration

Another rigorously researched and tested capability embedded in Pelocity goes beyond generic career exploration to enable an individual to see actual jobs in the local, regional or national economy for which they are likely to be an appropriate match. This capability enables Pelocity to provide not just career guidance, but also a metrics-driven engine to power workforce and economic development for states, regions and localities.


Your Personal Passport®

  • A virtual resumé of transcripts, certifications and work experience.
  • Automatically updated by your school, with your permission.
  • Personal portfolio of favorite occupations, notes and files.
  • A gateway for employers to connect with you!

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What They're Saying About Pelocity

Pelocity has changed my entire approach to my education and future career prospects. .
Michael anderson
In a word, Pelocity is "amazing." I can now chart my course for life and identify where I am and where I am going. Thanks Pelocity.
T. Price Jr.
As a veteran, I was pleasantly surprised how helpful Pelocity was to me. It really helped me adjust to civilian life and sharpen my competitive edge in my new career.
Donald Walker


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