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Using advanced, science-based assessment methodologies, Pelocity identifies the fields of study and types of careers that are most likely to make you truly happy. We provide the hard data you need to make an informed decision by providing real-time information about each career’s earning potential and growth prospects — and guide you toward building an academic resumé that will help you succeed.

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Connected to colleges and employers

Educational institutions are adopting Pelocity to help them improve their students’ overall academic performance and graduation rate.

Employers trust Pelocity to identify qualified job candidates with verified degrees and credentials.

  • Takes the guesswork out of deciding what you want to study — saving you and your parents the time and money associated with transferring colleges or switching majors.

  • Suggests a range of career fields from among the hundreds in our databases that fit your skills, abilities and preferences.

  • Helps you graduate from college on schedule by keeping you focused on the courses you need to complete your degree and gain the necessary skills for your preferred career.

  • Keeps you informed of shifting job market trends.

Pelocity is secure, affordable and easy to use

Pelocity provides a user-friendly online portal that gives you total control for accessing, modifying and distributing your information. A secure log-in and other security features help ensure that your profile is available only to the people you want to see it.

For a service that has the potential to affect your long-term career success and enjoyment, Pelocity is remarkably low cost. Your $34.99 initial fee to take the Pelocity career-planning assessment survey provides a full year of membership. After that, it’s just $9.95 a year!


Your Personal Passport®

  • A virtual resumé of transcripts, certifications and work experience.
  • Automatically updated by your school, with your permission.
  • Personal portfolio of favorite occupations, notes and files.
  • A gateway for employers to connect with you!

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What They're Saying About Pelocity

Pelocity has changed my entire approach to my education and future career prospects. .
Michael anderson
In a word, Pelocity is "amazing." I can now chart my course for life and identify where I am and where I am going. Thanks Pelocity.
T. Price Jr.
As a veteran, I was pleasantly surprised how helpful Pelocity was to me. It really helped me adjust to civilian life and sharpen my competitive edge in my new career.
Donald Walker


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