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Bringing together the disciplines of business, technology, industrial & organizational psychology, education and learning management.

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Mr. Pollan is a senior business executive with a passion for entrepreneurship. His 20-plus years of executive experience is centered on a common theme of using cutting-edge technology in service-related businesses. Mr. Pollan established Assessment Technologies Group in 1996. The company’s marriage of technology and state-of-the art personnel selection and development techniques has led to the rapid growth.

Stephen Pollan


operations and client relationships
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Danny leads technology and engineering from scope to implementation, using his 20+ years of experience to provide expertise in infrastructure, architecture and development. He provides hands on experience solving real world problems using the best in industry tools from mobile to web, across the enterprise and social media solutions, applying agile methodologies to support an iterative and flexible approach.

Danny Tuten

Chief Technology Consultant

Technology and User Experience
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Diana specializes in the area of leadership development and talent management. An experienced consultant with 20+ years of multi-industry experience, she specializes in building effective organizations by aligning the human capital systems with business objectives and strategy. In her role as executive coach Diana has integrated assessment and development to identify and build bench strength, accelerate the on boarding of new executives.

Diana L. Clarke, Ph.D.

head organizational consultant

Workforce Guru

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Pelocity is a virtual career guidance and talent matching system and part of the Assessment Technology product portfolio.

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