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We provide the hard data you need to make an informed decision by providing information about each career’s earning potential and growth prospects — and guide you toward building an academic resumé that will help you succeed.

make better choices


Falling retention rates and increased time for students to complete their degree have become major concerns for learning institutions - studies have shown that students’ poor connection between their career objectives and course choices is a major contributor to these trends.

provide better guidance


When you locate employee prospects through Pelocity, you’ll know those individuals have demonstrated a commitment to understanding their strengths, developing their skills, and identifying careers that will satisfy their personal goals.

hire more effectively

What Is Pelocity?

Where People, Educators & Employers Intersect


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Take the Pelocity assessments and discover your top occupations


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Explore occupations through dozens of online resources, guided by Pelocity


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Find training in your area, or locate a job if you're ready

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What We Do

We help students, job seekers and transitioning veterans choose the right career, get the right education, and connect with the right employer.

The GPS for your future

Pelocity is a powerful, science-based system for mapping your future and helping you get there.

Discover career fields

Pelocity matches you to occupations that are the best fit for your strengths and interests and the most likely to make you happy.

Choose a school and a major

Pelocity provides guidance that will prepare you for success and maximize your earning power.

Connect with employers

Employers can connect via your Passport as the mark of a focused student and a career-minded job candidate.

What People Are Saying?

Pelocity has changed my entire approach to my education and future career prospects.

Michael Anderson

Pelocity Subscriber
In a word, Pelocity is "amazing." I can now chart my course for life and identify where I am and where I am going. Thanks Pelocity.

T. Price Jr.

Pelocity Subscriber
As a veteran, I was pleasantly surprised how helpful Pelocity was to me. It really helped me adjust to civilian life and sharpen my competitive edge in my new career.

Donald Walker

Veteran Subscriber

About Us

Pelocity is a virtual career guidance and talent matching system and part of the Assessment Technology product portfolio.

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